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Design Concrete
20 Chepstow Corner
Pembridge Villas
Notting Hill
W2 4XE
Tel. 020 7727 4083



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Cement-based decorative surface. Unique,thin and flexible, it applies seamlessly to interior and exterior walls,floors,kitchens and bathroom.Available in a wide selection of colours. DESIGN CONCRETE is versatile, hard wearing and waterproof.

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design concrete

design concrete Design concrete is not well known in the UK, but is very popular in France, where it is known as béton ciré. It was first created for the US navy about 30 years ago. Since then, ...

Product Categories:

Architects | Design consultancies | Flooring and Surfaces | Shelving, racks, showcases, counters and packaging | Shopfitters | Visual Merchandising, displays, mannequins

Press Releases:

Mar 1, 2017

design concrete

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Five shades of grey…and many more

Design Concrete has been selected as one of the top 20 exhibitors that attended this year’s Retail Design Expo. The show, which took place at Olympia London, was a huge success for the company, who saw a great deal of visitors to their stand – all intrigued to find out more.

Hard-wearing, flexible, seamless and extremely versatile, the unique waxed concrete from Design Concrete offers a tactile finish in one of 30 colours and is resistant to abrasion and staining. It is waterproof and can be applied flawlessly to interiors including floors, walls, worktops, kitchens and bathrooms as well as exteriors and even swimming pools.

A mixture of Portland cement, silica sand, polymer resins and natural pigment added to provide colour, Design Concrete is applied in the same way as plaster and is only 2mm thick. It is very different to polished concrete, which is a traditional concrete that is merely polished.

Although not as well known in the UK, the concrete is extremely popular in France where it is known as béton ciré. It was first created for the US navy about 30 years ago and has since been developed to provide a wide range of colours for domestic and industrial uses.

For more information, contact Design Concrete on 0207 727 4083, email contact@design-concrete.co.uk or visit the website at www.design-concrete.co.uk

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