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Exhibitor Testimonials

If you want to know more about how to get involved in Retail Design Expo 2017 contact the sales team on +44 (0) 20 8874 2728 or email info@retaildesignexpo.com

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For Shopworks RDE 2016 has gone very well. We have been impressed with the calibre of exhibitors and the quality of attendance, particularly as we have met a lot more retailers this year. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from visitors suggesting that RDE 2016 feels a lot more exciting this year and almost everybody we have spoken to said they will be back next year, as will Shopworks. I was privileged to be part of the impressive seminar programme, talking through the latest forecourt convenience formats with Shell’s UK convenience manager retail, Will Green. The talk was very well attended, with good feedback and interaction from the audience.

Craig Phillipson, Founder and Managing Director of Shopworks

I think it has been an excellent show. Green Room is really proud to be supporting the British retail industry for a second year – we came last year and it was a good start for us. We’ve invested a lot more this year and produced a much bigger and better stand, and we’ve seen some great people from brands and retailers. We’ve been involved in the awards, in speaking in the seminar programme, and it has all really helped us raise our profile. We are just really excited about how that is going to translate into helping Green Room grown its business.

Richard Ash, Founder and CEO of Green Room

We’ve had 15 to 20 really good enquiries, we’ve also had seven or eight existing clients come on to the stand, so overall that’s been really positive. They have also been clients that have a lot of major projects in development, in the UK and globally – in Russia, France and elsewhere. From people we first met at last year’s show we have projects that are about to go live very shortly, so they have been a year in the pipeline. And we’ve met lots of potential collaborators and suppliers among the other exhibitors too.

Doug Barber, founder and CEO Barber Design

I think the volume is probably slightly down on last year, but the quality has certainly been retained, or is probably even better. I’m very happy, because for me it’s not about volume… we didn’t set any major targets before we arrived, but there have been at least 20 well known, worldwide brands on the stand. For most of the second afternoon we’ve had Boots and Samsung sitting on our stand. It’s about having a presence here.

Mike Houghton, Marketing Director CJ Retail Solutions

It has also been a good showcase for existing clients as well… to be able to sit an existing client down, as busy as they are, in one place where you can show everything you have got – this is an ideal venue for that.

Chris Langford, CEO at CJ

We were really impressed with the level of work delivered by the students this year and the different ways the briefs were interpreted. This led to some truly individual pieces of work and it’s great to see the next generation developing such strong skills.

James Bartington Head of Business Development, Harlequin Design

Retail Design Expo is without doubt the market place to do twelve months worth of positive networking in the two days the show is open for business. Retail continues to push the boundaries of design and interior fit out and collaboration is the key word at this event to ensure those boundaries continue to be challenged.

Robert Hudson, NAS

Retail Design Expo is growing into a must in the UK retail industry. The expansion of the event in terms of space and visitor numbers was fantastic to see and the expo provided us with a great platform to showcase some of our recent work with clients such as Microsoft, JD Sports, Accessorize and The White Company. Our stand acted as a great stage to hold valuable conversations with a range of existing and prospective customers and to highlight the profile of Vitra within the UK and International arena with a dynamic mix of Retailers and Designer in attendance.

Nick Whitehand, Vitra

For SDEA, Retail Design Expo was even better than we expected after last year’s successful inaugural event.  There were so many people to talk to we could have done with more time.  The two days went by in a flash. Our membership campaign was really well received.  Not only did we receive applications at the show, it’s given us over a hundred leads to follow up. Initial feedback from our members has been very positive too.  We will be back in force in 2017.

Lawrence Cutler, director, Shop and Display Equipment Association

It’s been fantastic you know, it’s year two, its always a challenge, the first year last year was very good and the concern is always, can they maintain it? But to be fair to the organisers they have done a fantastic job. We are seeing a influx of visitors, probably more than last year and it’s a much much bigger show, so from out perspective, very happy and we’ll be coming back next year.

Simon Olley, Stylo

We are exhibiting here for the second year running at Retail Design Expo, it’s been a fantastic year, this year for us. We have seen lots of great customers and yeah it has been really productive for us. You know what we don’t do many of these, but if we have to do one it’s Retail Design Expo, we are already signing up for next year, we absolutely love it.

Tim Ellis, Head of Business Development, Momentum Instore

We find it a great event, we get a really good cross mix of people coming to the event from shop fit, from procurement, store development also visual merchandisers as well, so for us its really the prime event for us to come to and showcase our services.

Andi, Creative Director, Global Display

We were here last year.  It was a very good show for us.  The feeling this year is that it’s a bigger show, a better show.  The visitors we’ve had through seem to be very focussed with a lot of live projects which is always exciting.  We’ve seen some facility managers, brand managers, managing directors, shop fitters and design companies.  Generally the people here seem to be the people who can make the decisions, which is great. We’ve had River Island, we’ve had Pavers, who are a York based shoe company and a couple of the big supermarkets already.

Gary Baker, Managing Director, CD (UK) Ltd - Corian

It’s a really good mix of people here right across the industry from shop fitters to buyers to suppliers.  So, we get to talk to everybody in the chain, top to bottom.  So, we’ve dealt with everyone from third party shop fitters up to decision makers, principals, MDs.  For us, that’s ideal. It’s actually exceeded our expectations.

Jonathon Haslam, Director, Summit Retail Supplies

We’ve seen a load of faces that we know, but obviously a lot of people that we don’t know are coming onto the stand, a lot of big names, people that we want to be talking to, so that’s always a positive.  We’ve had a lot of managing directors and heads coming onto the stand.  We’ve spoken a lot of big retailers such as River Island and Argos.  We’ve got a lot of designers coming as well as procurement and VM staff.  I think it’s great.

Nikki Talbot, Creative Director, Unibox

officeTwelve took a stand in the Designer Pavilion to test the water at Retail Design Expo 2016. The response was very positive. We engaged with lots of brands and have embarked on some super new client relationships as a result of our attendance. We’ll be doubling the size of our stand next year to give us a little more room to showcase our award-winning creativity.

Gina Mula, Managing  Director, officeTwelve

We’ve probably met an equal amount of new potential clients asf people who we know well, who expect to see us at a show like this.

David Littlefield, Managing Director, Alrec

My voice is a little bit hoarse because I’ve talked so much to so many people.  I would say I’ve met the right type of people in terms of quality - decision makers, CEOs, head ofs, and all of these people are the people that we really need to be talking to at the show.

Jonathan Berlin, CEO, Universal Display

Yes, it’s been good. There’s been a good quality of client here with the right kind of job titles. We’ve been reasonable busy, non-stop. We’ve had people including Adidas, Chanel, Boots, Harrods have come to see us as well. It’s a great opportunity.

James Bartington, Head of Business Development, Harlequin Design

I think we’ve met our objectives 100%.  We’ve had a great launch.  We’ve been meeting the right people, the decision makers.  We’ve been meeting with retail marketing directors, sales directors, people that have been heading up innovative retail stores and store design.  We’ve met some great international clients.  It’s very relevant for us, because we do have offices all over the world and we’ve met some clients from places like India and China and Hong Kong, and it’s been great to talk to them.  It’s been a huge success for us.  We’ve met lots and lots of people.  So, from a new business point of view, it’s been great.

Ben Taylor, Retail Experience Director, TRO

There are a lot of people here.  There have been a good mixture of brands and retailers.  We quite like the fact that the technology show is downstairs, because we’re quite technology driven display company and therefore we are also forging conversations with companies downstairs.  We’ve seen Asda, John Lewis, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Bobby Brown, Calvin Klein and Hasbro -  a good mix of multinational, and big global brands.

Scott Morris, Managing Director, DisplayPlan

It has been very beneficial.   There have been some very strong heavy weights within the industry that I wouldn’t have expected to meet, particularly around the design side.  Yes, it’s been excellent.  Everyone I’ve seen has either been a manager or a director of an area, somebody that you could have a direct conversation with that would actually be of benefit. We’ve met with Calvin Klein, with Lidl, Selfridges have been in.  Yes, various, yes.

Bill Johnson, Managing Director, Colyer Phillips

I think we’ve had a really successful show.  We’ve met some really, really cool people, seen some fantastic designs and we’ve got some really good sales leads as well.  So, it’s been a great success.  We’ve met people who have actually got the buying power, which really obviously is very, very important.  They work for big brands, and that for us is really, really important in terms of return on investment.  So, we’ve met retailers, brands and football clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and West Brom.  We’ve met Asda and Boots and a whole plethora of massive brands, and also agencies as well.

Adam Paget, Head of Advertising & Sales, Contra Vision Supplies

You get a different type of visitor at this show because a lot of people visit the technical side of the show and they come up here to see what’s going on, which means you get a different level of people who are perhaps not aware of what else is out there for the VM world.  So they might bring along their VM teams and also we get to meet procurement and decision makers which you don’t at other shows.  Excellent.  Also international, which is really fantastic for us.  We’ve had procurement managers, we’ve also had account managers, we’ve had creative directors, we’ve had VM managers and their teams, area managers, regional managers.  Yes, it’s been really good top level all the way down to students.  There are a lot of people coming through those doors, so the show is marketed very well.

Sonya Storm, Creative Director, DZD

The interior designers that we have met are the people that are designing the projects, so are the right people that we want to meet.

Joseph Sans, Commerical Director, KriskaDECOR

Already this morning we’ve had three of our clients that have just stopped by to say, hello, who are here themselves to look at new innovation in retail, to attend some of the seminars, because there are so many seminars this time, a lot more than last year.  It is a must attend event.

Jenny Hillier, Managing Director, Briggs Hillier

The quality of the people who are coming to this exhibition has been far and above what we’ve seen elsewhere.

Neil Lutterlock, Specification Manager, Strata Tiles Ltd

We’ve had some pretty key people such as retail design buyers who are quite difficult to get in to.  There’s an awful lot of noise in the marketplace when it comes to direct marketing and e-marketing, and an event like this helps us cut through that.  They’re coming here anyway and they’re willing to talk, so it’s fantastic.  We’re here meeting the people that we don’t currently have relationships with.  So, that’s very constructive, very useful..

Richard Ash, CEO and founder, Green Room

We were really impressed by the event.  The quality of visitors was exceptional.  We had a great stand location close to the Designers Pavilion, which meant constant footfall to our stand. It's unusual for us to rebook while still at the show, but we did recognising the exceptional value of RDE to the industry…

Steve Urwin, Marketing Manager, UK at Tarkett

Obviously it is the biggest.  It is getting bigger.  We have had some seriously good decision making people here.  We’ve had people from Harrods, Tesco, EE and various other companies.  We’ve actually got a lot of follow up visits, maybe six appointments generally booked in already to go and follow up.

Kevin McCook, Director of Sales and Operations, Solutions Diverse Ltd

I think it’s fascinating the people that you can meet here. Retail Design Expo has a really interesting mix of people; VM specialists, architects, people that understand about new and emergent technologies, so there’s a very creative vibe here. I think there’s a lot of retail shows that are quite niche and quite specialised. Here, there are people that are equally expert; it’s just that there’s a lot more of them from different disciplines and they’re starting to really sort of merge. They’re starting to really integrate really well. So, for me, I feel like there’s a really good cross-section of people and thinkers and things to look at this show.

Katie Baron, Head of Retail, Innovation and Insights at Stylus

I’m really interested in the talks. I’m interested to hear what kind of my peers are saying and the information that they’re sharing and just to get an overall view of where the industry might be heading.I think there’s a real buzz. There’s more people here than last year and it feels like there’s a good atmosphere.

Katie Shepherd, Director of Strategy & Insight, Checkland Kindleysides

I come primarily for networking; it’s a really good chance to touch base with clients, consultants that we’ve worked with or met in the past. They are the core things that our business really depend on and this is an excellent chance to do that, especially on our doorstep.

James Breaks, Associate Director, RPA Group

I was aware of the history of the RBTE, the technology show, and I knew that what was trying to happen when retail design expo was being added to that was this sense of bringing the front end of customer experience together with the back end of retail infrastructure. And obviously within a changing digital landscape that blends the physical and the digital together in a way that becomes really complex for clients to understand and manage, but really important for them to do so. So I think it was really the only show, and still remains the only show, with that at its heart, with that at the edge end of the sense of the world of the digital retail landscape coming together with physical experience.

Pete Champion, Director, Shareholder, i-am Associates

There’s a real buzz about the place. There’s a lot of interest and there’s a lot of stuff going on, so hopefully the conversations that we can get into are exciting as well. I’m surprised hearing about how technology is affecting different parts of the business. I managed to see part of Alan Taylor’s talk from B&Q and him talking about the influence of virtual reality on their business now, not some time in the future, but it’s actually there and helping their business. So I think that’s fascinating to see something that we were talking about last year but is now actually fully embedded into our industry.

John Tollit, Principal, Gensler

For me it’s a perfect blend of technology and shop fitting as well and innovation, and light obviously. So those four together for us is the perfect place to be because that’s where, actually where we want to play as Philips Lighting as well to really enable retailers to use technology to improve the customer experience.

Gerben Vanderlig, Indoor Positioning & Location Services, Philips Lighting

"We had an amazing response at Retail Design Expo. We provided more than £1m worth of quotes as a result, but couldn’t ship enough of the product over from Australia. Having production facilities in the UK means we can react quickly.”

Janice Fairfield, Founder, Pixalux UK 

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